Black Panther has real history behind the name. The journey began initially from a man with a vision. A solider who wanted to build a prestigious, bespoke, quality security operation that catered to real world scenarios.


Black Panther have provided Close Protection to A-list celebrities, VIPS and bespoke protection for families and businesses at the Corporate level for over 15 years.


The CEO of the company, Hesham Beshir is an extremely well-trained professional, an ex-military man who has devoted his life to the front line. He completed his Military training in the Middle East and has continued to work as a full-time operator since fulfilling his military obligation.


With the ability to speak English, Arabic and Russian he continues to succeed, communicating on an international level. Hesham Beshir is committed to building an outstanding skilled and experienced team with the same vision and dedication.

The Skills & Qualifications held at The Black Panther International are as Follows:

Executive Protection

Qualified in using firearms

Handcuff Qualified

Citizens Arrests

Full SIA Licence

Full Close Protection Licence